Hereford cattles in Poland – facts, breeding and selling

When it comes to quality cattle, there’s few better breeds than the Hereford – they are easy to maintain, fast growing, and produce excellent quality beef.

Hereford cattle (with pedigree) in Poland have been a popular choice for breeders since the 1960s. Selectively bred, Polish Hereford cattle achieve exemplary results in various tests, making it a great choice for starting and growing farms.

If you’re looking for more information about Hereford beef cattle in Poland, that’s exactly what we’re here for.

Hereford young bulls bred in the beautiful country of Poland

Records say that the first Hereford heifers in Poland appeared in 1961 and quickly grew in popularity. These cattle provided greater weight for age than most other breeds and an incredible rate of gain, leading to many Hereford farms opening and making profit on the cows’ efficiency. Polish Hereford beef achieves excellent quality results in domestic and international Quality Control tests, making it a popular choice for restaurants and food trucks that want to serve tasty and juicy beef.

Hereford polled cattle for sale in Poland – what are the characteristics?

It’s widely known that Hereford beef cattle is the world’s most popular breed that is incredibly efficient for farmers looking to grow. Polish Hereford beef cattle’s main characteristics are high fertility, rapid growth, low requirements, and high adaptability. Polish Hereford bulls and cows provide an amazing economy of gain in feeding and quickly increase their numbers with little maintenance. They are also known for being able to withstand the harshest winters just as well as they fare in a sweltering summer.

All you need to know about Hereford bull and calf offered in Poland

Through decades of selective breeding, Hereford heifers in Poland became strong and healthy cattle. Fed with eco-friendly fodder, Polish Hereford cows produce high-quality milk that allows calves to grow into efficient heifers. Polish Hereford heifers can effectively increase your profits and lower your upkeep, all at lower maintenance than most other breeds require. If you’re trying to grow your breeding business, Hereford cattle is the perfect choice. Interested? Contact us to find our what’s on sale and what do we have for sell currently in terms of bull, calves and other stock.

Hereford stock bull breeded in Poland – where to find them?

Accredited Hereford beef cattle breeders in Poland like Biotaurus offer healthy and strong Hereford young bulls and calfs at affordable prices. If you’re looking to grow your own farm and starting benefiting from the efficient Hereford breed, always choose a reliable seller with proper certification. Our sale offer includes stock bull and calf. Our clients and customers can also purchase females – do not hesitate to contact us for details concerning the range of our services.

How to breed Hereford beef cattle – a breed for beginners and pros

Breeding Hereford cattle in Poland provides beginner breeders with a quick and profitable start, with the cattle being easy to maintain and very adaptable.

For advanced breeders, they’re just as great of an investment – the low cost-revenue ratio of Hereford cattle bred in Poland allows experienced breeders to quickly grow their farms and sell excellent quality beef cattle at a premium.

Breeding beef cattle – how to achieve success?

Choosing the right cattle to start your breeding business with is the key to success. Young Hereford bull and calf specimen offered on our sale offer can be the foundation stone of your stock – resilient and in peak condition.

Combined with the high fertility of Hereford bull, this breed creates an incredibly profitable and low-maintenance cattle, helping entrepreneurs achieve success with ease.

Biotaurus – how we can help you start or grow your own Hereford farm

At Biotaurus, you’ll find the highest quality Hereford bulls and calfs with pedigree at matchless prices. We are consociated with the Polish Association of Beef Cattle Breeders and Producers who also awarded certification to all of our cattle. Our Herefords are under constant professional veterinary care, grown in harmony with nature and freely roaming the green fields of Warmia.

If you need efficient cattle to grow your business, Biotaurus is here to help – contact us today for the best Hereford beef cattle in Poland.